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I’ve always loved drawing, although I never took art as a subject and I know I am not the best at it, but I love the doodling I do on CPD and, while some might see it as disrespectful, I can remember discussions, whole sessions and more from the doodles I do on my pages. Staff in my school know I doodle but also know that I am listening and (hopefully) make decent contributions to discussions so I feel comfortable doodling in my diary or notebook.

And then I came to twitter. I have been on twitter since 2009 but it wasn’t until 2011 that I started to use it a bit more, tweeting the odd thing. And I then went to my first TeachMeet early in 2014 and my eyes were opened! I started using it for education tweets and my timeline came alive; I realised that twitter could be used for so much more. 

I started following @pw2tweets and looked at his website. He has a section called ‘Sketchnotes on Education’ where he shares his thoughts on educational topics in a visual way. These are excellent and I enjoyed them so much that I took him up on his offer at the top of that page which says ‘Share your educational Sketchnotes on twitter using the hashtag (#EduSketchnotes)’

I saw that @jon_brunskill was asking prominent twitter teachers (and twitter teachers in general) to give their snippet of advice to an NQT in 140 characters for his blog and podcast. This seemed like a great opportunity to do some Edu-doodles to compliment his podcast. I sat down with a little sketchbook and drew some of the tweets that I felt lent themselves to a visualisation and put them together in a slideshow in my own blog

The response was amazing (for my limited twitter exposure!). Favourites and retweets showered my timeline and this has given me even more confidence to share more with teachers on twitter both with my doodles and sharing ideas or resources. But it has also given me more confidence to join in conversations instead of lurking. I feel more up to date on current trends in education and it is like my teaching career has been given a new lease of life. 

When I saw the #SharingIsCaring hashtag, I thought it was a great way to sum up the best of twitter and so this is me sharing. Keep it up everyone.


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