Extrinsic Rewards Feel EPIC!

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Should I be this happy? Photo Credit: initial-reaction via Compfight cc

It took me until I was 18 and in university to realise that I had to ask if I didn’t know what someone was talking about so I have grown to not feel ashamed to ask ‘stupid’ questions or admit that I am ignorant on a topic.  This blog isn’t about the merits of extrinsic rewards in the classroom as I haven’t read in depth any research about it, but it’s about today’s experience.

As I was twittering with the telly on in the background, I saw that @ukedchat had published a list of the UK Ed Chat community’s favourite UK educational tweeters

I scoured the list for anyone I knew and was delighted to see @bryngoodman on there (it was alphabetical order) so I tweeted him that he was on there. I was genuinely pleased that a nice chap like Bryn, who freely shares his ideas, was on the list. Then I went back to see if anyone else I regularly tweet with was there… and they were! @grahamandre, @WatsEd and @redgierob were on there and, to my delighted surprise, so was I.

At the top of the page, it said you could download a badge to say you had been nominated so I did and placed it proudly on my blog!

And this brings me to extrinsic rewards. 

It gave me a warm, fuzzy glow like the ready break advert and I showed my wife and kids. I was as pleased as punch! Twitter giants probably won’t give it a second thought but for me (with performance management round the corner!), it was a genuinely pleasant experience to be nominated by fellow tweachers for this.

In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t mean a great deal. But to me, on this Saturday evening, I feel chuffed. @Bennett31 suggested that I make it into my own chufty badge!

But the reason I posted this is that, if this is how I feel at 37 when a group of tweeters that I don’t know say I am in the top 100 favourite UK educational tweeters (I am aware that there might only be 101 UK educational tweeters!), then just think what a phone call, email or post card home can do for the morale of our pupils.

I haven’t done it before as I wasn’t sure if it’d be that effective, but I’m resolved to give it a go now… ‘coz I feel EPIC!

@gazneedle – one of the UK’s favourite educational tweeters! 


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