Simple Sketching on Explain Everything

I should be planning!

@FarrowMr asked me to do a quick sketching video showing his class how to create simple images and asked for it to be 2-3 minutes long.  I was unsure how to do this and decided that I either had to devise a contraption to hold my camera (if only I was a secondary science teacher; I could have borrowed a clamp and a stand!) or use an app I had seen used by @ICT_MrP: Explain Everything.

I have had a go and, while it is a little rough around the edges as I haven’t fully got to grips with all of the features, I had to upload it here so Richard could see it as it was too big to email!  Check it out on YouTube.

Oh… and there is no way I could fit it into 3 minutes!

Thanks for reading, sharing and commenting



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