Thanksgiving is just around the corner in America and watching twitter the last few weeks makes me thankful for a several things.

I am thankful for working in a school that doesn’t have a complete tool for a head teacher. A head teacher who generally listens to staff and makes decisions based on the best interests and well being of the children and staff.

I am thankful for working with colleagues who can discuss ideas without thinking that I am personally attacking them and vice versa.

I am thankful for not feeling the need to be defined as a teacher by a single set of ideas such as traditionalism or progressivism but being able to pick the best from both worlds to suit the needs of my class, the objectives of the lesson and the suitability of the tasks.

I am thankful that I haven’t progressed to deputy or head teacher yet as I have loved being part of my lads growing up.

I am thankful to be teaching at my sons’ primary school as I have been able to attend almost every one of their concerts, plays and assemblies.

I am thankful for enjoying my job and not feel like it is a place of torture (for me or the kids).

I am thankful for rekindling my enjoyment of sketching and doodling.

I am thankful for being married to another teacher who understands the commitments and pressures of a teacher and puts up with me.

Life isn’t all rosy, but I have a block and mute button on twitter.  I choose who I follow. I choose what I watch and I choose who I speak with.

I choose to be thankful and I choose to be (relatively) happy.


Thanks for reading, sharing and favouriting.



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