EduBlog Awards


I was surprised on Thursday night to see that I had been voted for an EduBlog Award or an ‘Eddie’!

How great! It’s nice to know others appreciate you. I dare say I won’t be chosen next year as there are some fabulous blogs on there but  you can vote for me by clicking here, scrolling down to my box, clicking the thumbs up and registering with your twitter account.  It takes about 1 minute.

Please also vote for my nominations who made the finalist lists:

Best Individual blog: The Primary Head’s Blog – Vote here!

Best Ed Tech Blog: Lee Parkinson – Vote here!

Best use of media: The Literacy Shed – Vote here!

Most influential blog: Michael Tidd – Vote here!

Best twitter chat: #primaryrocks – Vote here!

Best individual tweeter: @urban_teacher – Vote here!

And also the best mobile app: Alan Peat’s Exciting Sentences – Vote here!


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Well being

After a tweet from @tim_jumpclarke one Saturday evening, I decided to have a think.  He asked some tweeters to RT this:

He explained that it was an initiative by @MartynReah to promote well being amongst teachers.

I thought about what I could (and do) do  for my own well being and here are my suggestions (with added hashtag banners), although everyone will have their own ideas:


  1. Doodle.  It doesn’t matter what you draw, just put pen to paper. Draw shapes and make patterns.  Look through my photos timeline and have a go at something. #learn
  2. Play an instrument. My weapon of choice is the uke! #learn
  3. Close the laptop, turn the phone on silent and spend some time with your family. #connect and #notice
  4. Go for a walk. Go with someone or plug yourself into a good podcast and enjoy the fresh weather at this time of the year. #exercise
  5. Read a book.  It doesn’t have to even be a whole chapter, just pick up a book and read. Books like The General Book Of Ignorance are excellent for this. #learn
  6. Give yourself at least an hour of ‘not work’ time before going to bed. #connect
  7. Watch Fail Army and realise that there are a lot of people far worse off and far more stupid than you! #notice
  8. Listen to some music. With a tipple of your choice. #notice
  9. Have a night off! #connect #learn #notice #exercise #volunteer


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Doodle Your Own Advent Calendar


A long time ago (not in a galaxy far far away though!) advent calendars were not stuffed with chocolate or Lego. There were just flaps with a picture behind which were often recycled year after year.

This got me thinking and, with the success of my doodle-a-day during October, I have decided to do another doodle a day during advent only this time each of the doodles will have a Christmas theme.

You can download the December doodle-a-day by clicking here and for an editable version, click here.

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