Well being

After a tweet from @tim_jumpclarke one Saturday evening, I decided to have a think.  He asked some tweeters to RT this:

He explained that it was an initiative by @MartynReah to promote well being amongst teachers.

I thought about what I could (and do) do  for my own well being and here are my suggestions (with added hashtag banners), although everyone will have their own ideas:


  1. Doodle.  It doesn’t matter what you draw, just put pen to paper. Draw shapes and make patterns.  Look through my photos timeline and have a go at something. #learn
  2. Play an instrument. My weapon of choice is the uke! #learn
  3. Close the laptop, turn the phone on silent and spend some time with your family. #connect and #notice
  4. Go for a walk. Go with someone or plug yourself into a good podcast and enjoy the fresh weather at this time of the year. #exercise
  5. Read a book.  It doesn’t have to even be a whole chapter, just pick up a book and read. Books like The General Book Of Ignorance are excellent for this. #learn
  6. Give yourself at least an hour of ‘not work’ time before going to bed. #connect
  7. Watch Fail Army and realise that there are a lot of people far worse off and far more stupid than you! #notice
  8. Listen to some music. With a tipple of your choice. #notice
  9. Have a night off! #connect #learn #notice #exercise #volunteer


Thanks for reading, favouriting and retweeting.



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