Today I went out to work with some NQTs and when I came back it was my duty. I went out on the playground and my kids who hadn’t seen me all morning exploded with a smile on their face and raced over to me to tell me what they had been doing all morning. 

This is why I love teaching. I had the best fifteen minutes of the school day having a chat with the kids about nothing and teaching them that listening to others and being interested in some one else is a skill to be cherished.

I think I need to do more duties! 




I have been an avid listener to podcasts for many years now and some of my favourite podcasts include @adambuxton, @Scroobiuspipyo, @IAmJericho, @QIpodcast, @pappystweet, @themonkeycage, @WTFpod, @ColtCabana and lots of different podcasts from @Herring1967.  I should also say that for education, I frequent @pivotalpaul and @RckStrPrincipal.

I have recently started to listen to the Comedians Telling Stuff Podcast and I like the format of the show.  She simply speaks to comedians and asks them to talk about memorable stories around six broad areas: first, worst, lessons learned, hecklers, when I knew and love.

I thought that this format could translate well to a series of posts as I often don’t think I have much to blog about but I like to read about other people’s interesting experiences in education.

The themes I have chosen are broad to give as much scope for everyone to share a wide range of stories. The first few themes will be: first, best, worst and change.

I was going to use ‘#first’ to share this, but I thought that would be a difficult hashtag to follow with it being so generic.  So seeing as though I am the co-founder of #PrimaryRocks, it seemed obvious to prefix the hashtag for these posts with PR!

So this is the #PRfirst in a series of posts.  Please feel free to add your own #PRfirst story about anything in your teaching career.


The first day back always fills me with a slight sense of dread.  Memories of the first day of teacher training rush into my brain.  Even more scary is the memory of the first day of my first teaching job.  That realisation that I was responsible for these children and they were waiting for me to teach them. It reminded me of the scene from Indiana Jones where he’s being chased by the boulder.  Nothing was going to stop the momentum of these 9 year olds and it was time to become a teacher.

Looking back now, I can’t help thinking ‘who on earth would have given me a job?!” I knew so little and was hardly ready to teach, let alone do all the other things that come with the job.  I had only had 4 hours of lectures on most of the non-core subjects and now I had to teach them!  But you soon learn.

Probably the most memorable ‘first’ was my first contacts with parents.  One child, whose family were locally known to regularly be in trouble with the police, told me that her mum was going to come round after school with a baseball bat and smash my face in because I had kept her in during lunchtime! Another was the son of the chair of governors who told me I had a cheek to ‘summon’ him into school to discuss his son’s poor behaviour.

Only a very short post to start back, but what are your memorable ‘firsts’ in teaching?

Please use#PRfirst to share.

Thanks for reading and sharing.