Everywhere you go…

… you always take the weather with you.

And that includes your classroom.  After spending some time in other schools and visiting other classrooms, I have been amazed at how different classrooms can have a different feel in the same school.  In my own school, I think I know what I am going to experience when I walk into a classroom and having been in my school for a number of years, I think part of that is due to the observer effect.

But visiting other schools has just confirmed how important teachers are in setting the climate of their classroom.  I read something today for my NPQH where a head teacher said that the children in their school probably would have learnt what they have learnt no matter who was in the classroom, but I disagree.  You can have a classroom where the children believe they are geniuses and they will reach the high expectations you set because you give them the wings to fly. Or you can have a classroom where the children are disheartened because the focus is always on the negative.

I have recently found the same as a leader in school.  We, and I include everyone in this, set the climate for our school.  Although we will all have our challenges, what happens in your school that makes you happy?  Focus on this.  Find the things that make you smile and try to do these even more!

I was told by a head teacher that she has a smile line where she always puts a smile on her face when she crosses the line that marks the entrance to her school as she needs to promote a positive, happy atmosphere.  I quite like this idea.  Where is your smile line?   What will the weather be like in your classroom today?



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