How to be a dudette or a dude.

Part of the #29daysof writing on staffrm

Seeing as though it is the 8th (and taking a leaf out of @mrheadcomputing ‘s book) here are 8 ways to be a dude/dudette:

1. Disagree with people politely. Both in real life and online.

2. Live life 90/10. Life is about 10% what happens TO you and 90% about how you react to it. We can argue about the percentages but I feel the general rule holds true.

3. Share. Other people appreciate what you do.

4. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Life is too special and wonderful and short to be serious all the time.

5. Blow your own trumpet… no one else will!  The likelihood is that you have something worthwhile to say. Some people fill twitter and their blogs with so much stuff that it is hard to sort the wheat from the chaff.  Others, and I include myself in this bracket, find it hard to put their thoughts down onto paper (or screen!).  Just because you are not a prolific blogger doesn’t mean your ideas are not as valid as the edu-superstars.

6. Look after your TAs. Buy a bag of giant buttons and put them in a secret place only you and your TA know so that they can be your little secret. They only cost a pound but they are a great way of showing your appreciate them.

7. Follow my classroom rules – be good, try your hardest and listen to others.   They are good rules for my kids and not a bad maxim for being a dude.

8. Don’t believe everything you read in blogs.  Just because someone has typed their ideas down doesn’t mean it is true.  Decide for yourself.

And certainly don’t let a blog post tell you 8 ways to be a dude or dudette when you already know how to do that already!



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