I’ve got to go home…

(Written as part of the #29daysofwriting on staffrm.)

“I’ve got to go home… I’m not feeling too well.”

These were the words that began an embarrassing incident. 

It was a warm, June day and I had PPA in the afternoon. School at the time had organised for a PE specialist to come to school and take classes to release teachers for their PPA. They were teaching kids athletics and covering the basics in running, jumping and throwing. That day was supposed to be looking at different ways of jumping with some skipping included. The PE specialist left me her plans and explained everything comprehensively and everything looked straight forward so I sent her home. 

I would miss my PPA, but I knew I would be able to catch it up somewhere else along the line. The only minor problem was that I wasn’t in my PE kit. I was in a shirt, tie and suit trousers, but it was only a bit of running, jumping and throwing so I thought I would just take off my tie and it would be OK.  

How wrong I was…  

The activities were on the field and were all set out as our Year 6 sports leaders had been helping. 

“What a doddle!” I thought while the sun warmed my back and I led the class down to the field.  

We were all ready and I started to demonstrate each station. Throwing the foam javelin; bean bags in a bucket; relay races. All pretty straight forward.

Until it came to the standing long jump.  

I started to demonstrate how to do it.  

Knees bent.

Arms swinging. 

Body swinging.

Build momentum. 



I lifted off and flew through the air. Michael Jordan had nothing on me!

Then I landed show how to land with bended knee and on both feet.  

As my knees bent, I heard and almighty RRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

My eyes almost popped out of my head. I looked down. My suit trousers had split open from just beneath the zipper almost all the way round.  

The kids exploded with laughter.

And that was the day I learnt that wearing a PE kit is essential for PE. 


(I did say to another TA in school “I’ve got to go home!” and managed to dash home, find a pair of tracksuit bottoms and get back to school quite quickly as I only live 5 minutes away!)


3 thoughts on “I’ve got to go home…

  1. 😱😱😱😱😱😂😂😂😂😂😂 my OH went to an interview once in his best (wedding) suit and the fly bust as he was waiting to go in for his presentation. Sat behind the OHP hiding the whole time he spoke!!

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