KS1 Maths Moderation

Don’t do tick lists!

That is the message that is coming loud and clear from all areas to teachers who have to collect evidence to prove that their judgements are valid.

Don’t do tick lists!

However, we do need to see your evidence and it has to be readily at hand.

Don’t do tick lists…


*Edit: Let me add that I hate that I have been forced to do this kind of madness with 6/7 year old children. I dislike the term ‘Play the game’ as I don’t see education as a game.  However, in the sorry state of affairs we find ourselves in, this might be a way to lighten some of the burden.


After being on a KS1 assessment and moderation meeting last week where it was shared that there needs to be abundant evidence of children meeting all of the points in the interim assessment framework for teacher assessment, I have devised some simple KS1 maths quizzes that link to the 16 points and I have cross referenced them with examples from the exemplification materials released by the DfE as well.

To download them, click here or click the image.


All feedback to make them even better would be gratefully received. Just leave a comment below or find me on Twitter.



20 thoughts on “KS1 Maths Moderation

  1. Thanks for the resource sharing.
    I also hate that – ” Of course, you are under no obligation to use the tick lists….” said as they shove pages of them in your direction.


  2. Hi Gaz! Your weekly tests are amazing thank you! Cheeky question – you don’t happen to have made a Working Towards and a Working At Greater Depth sheet as well?


  3. Thank you so much, in the middle of moderating my class and have very little evidence for shape, measures and fractions, These are just great. gratefully received


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