Maths Interim Assessment Sheets



If you, like me, are scrambling to gather evidence to show that your kids in your Year 2 class hit points in the interim framework, you might be using some of the interim assessment framework points as areas to teach.

I have made some sheets based on the exemplification materials for the interim assessment framework which you can download here.

These are different from the weekly checks which my class have been working on and I’ll be updating this folder each week with more work.

I don’t claim that these are the best work I have ever done, but they will help me collect evidence for moderation.  If they help save you a few minutes, please feel free to use and share.



Edit: The complete set for all 16 points of the interim assessment framework for maths are now in the folder for downloading.


13 thoughts on “Maths Interim Assessment Sheets

      1. There are only 3 statements for greater depth! I suppose asking questions during reading about predicting what might happen and making links with other books would ‘prove’ that they are at a greater depth, but most can do this anyway which makes the statements a poor indicator in my opinion.


  1. Many thanks these are very helpful. Any plans to make something similar for Yr1 that could be used as small group pupil activities to support making end of year judgments?



  2. Great work but may have moved files by accident. Please email me if I have and will try to solve and return files. Ignore if all ok.


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