Key Stage 1 Reading


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Following the success of the daily maths interim assessment sheets and maths moderation tests and also after working with the awesome John Murray (check out his website here and his Twitter feed – @ReadingExplorer), I have started to put together some reading comprehensions for Year 2.  These will be short texts (less than 100 words) with some anchoring questions to get the children thinking about the text before even encountering it; some questions about the gist of the text; some literal questions and some deductive and inferential questions about the text.

You can download them here and I will be adding to this, hopefully on a weekly basis.

Please let me know what you think of them and any improvements that could be made in the comments section.

*UPDATE 01* New reading comprehension added – The Darkness

Thanks for reading.



4 thoughts on “Key Stage 1 Reading

  1. Yes the reading is seeming the hardest to evidence………could you cross reference your mini comprehensions / questions to the interim reading statements.


    1. Not really. Most of the points can be captured through videoing your children and hearing them read. These are really just to get evidence for the final point on the framework which says answer some questions and make some inferences. It surprises me really that there is nothing about deducing information as this is the skill in between literal understanding and inferential understanding, but … hey … it’s the DfE!


  2. I think this is a great idea – but when you ask a question in a literal way, and the intended answer has to be deduced, or surmised, from the text, perhaps you could write such questions with: ‘What do you think..?’ or ‘How old do you think Lily might be? If the exact answer is not in the text, is it fair to ask such a precise question as ‘How old is Lily?’ I only say this trying to be helpful. Best wishes, Debbie


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